Saturday 2 February 2013

Wine and Art - Made For Each Other?

I have just found a great site specially for wine drinkers and artists alike, it's called Wine in Art: Drink With Your Eyes. And is really is a visionary feast worth a visit.

It's amazing how often one sees the two depicted together. Is the first a science the second an art, or perhaps the other way round? I reckon they are both worthy of any form of scientific art and each requires a great feeling and understanding for it to work successfully.

Why they go together:
1. Wine bottles need artistic labels to make them more attractive to the buyer - head above the parapet as it were!
2. When viewing art in a gallery, you'll no doubt be given a glass of wine to moisten your palate - the cynics will say that it'll make you relax and more likely to purchase - well, why not?

Anyhow, I had to jot this down as it's a fun read and visual triumph with some fabulous pieces of art, not to mention some super talented artists.